Technology: The tablet Dell XPS 10

Dell introduces the XPS 10 its first tablet in front of the new operating system. Features a HD display behind glass and two cameras, a Qualcomm S4 CPU with 2.2 GHz powers it and 2 GB RAM. Particularly interesting is the XPS 10 with the available bundled keyboard dock that not only makes for easier writing, but also hosts external interfaces and a spare battery. The only 9.2 mm thin tablet shows the front display behind glass in black frame complete, broken only by the Windows button.

The back of the silver Dell logo is rubberized grip in dark anthracite. At first glance, it differs from simpler competitors primarily through some holes on the long side, which provide the connection to the keyboard dock. In addition, the weight is not uncommon – 640 grams.Together with the keyboard dock, the weight grows to an impressive 1.3 kg; the thickness is now 24 millimetres. The keyboard also comes in anthracite, matt black lacquered top and the rubberized bottom again.

The body frame of tablet and dock put silver accents, as well as the rotation system for the recording panel. Folded-in as the design works of the XPS 10 very high quality, elegant. The workmanship is very good; gaps and edges are flawless design. The interface of tablet and dock is not so nice, in the track of the rotary hinge are open the locks on the tablet.

The keyboard uses the available width of the maximum. The soft keys on the design have a clean pressure point; the gutters are sunk deep enough. The touch pad is well functioning deposited with two distinct clicking the buttons, which can be used on almost the entire surface. The touchpad can recognize gestures.

The terminals are located on the narrow outer edges. On the panel, we find a Dell 40-pin connector, a microUSB port, and a 3.5 mm jack for headphones and a slot for microSD. cards The keyboard dock also houses a Dell connector, one USB jack on the right and left as well as a mini HDMI output.